Jessica de la Davies

Jessica de la Davies


Uplifting Quotes by Jessica de la Davies

Life Enhancing Quotes by Jessica de la Davies

*The true beauty of love is who you become while you are sharing it.

*A true friend loves you even more when life gets tough.

*CARE is demonstrated by BOTH what one does and does not do.

*We don't find our JOY day to day nor even hour to hour. We find it moment to moment.

*Unleash your enthusiasm and achieve your dreams.

*We all need hope along our chose way. If you have some to offer, by all means say!

*Where words leave off, hugs begin. #hugsheal

*Hope is the promise of someday. While love is the promise of eternity.

*Someday is the most HOPEFUL day of the week.

*As you would dive into the ocean, dive into your hopes and dreams.

*We are all children of the same God. #StopChildAbuse

*Blanket the world in love like a summer's morning dew.

*Laughter is a universal language.

*Platinum Rule: Tweet others as you would have others tweet you. #Twitter

*Be a miracle. Be a force. Be powerful. Be LOVE!

*Listen with your heart. Speak with your actions.

*Release your inner amazing.

*Friends brighten our darkest days as stars brighten our darkest nights.

*Kindness in the face of cruelty makes the human race unpredictable.

*A caring heart is worth more than riches.

*Anger and Forgiveness seldom agree.

*The time to love is now. The one to love is ALL. The place to love is here, there and everywhere.

*Words like wistfully and sublime are penned by poets into prose and rhyme. As night gives way to dawn, life gives way to time.

*A warm HUG cost nothing yet means everything.

*Let your attitude by gratitude.

*Gratitude is my daily attitude.

*You fill my heart with song and I promise to love you my whole life long.
*Offering a hug to a friend who is feeling blue will make them feel happier through and through.

*Your smile can make one's day worthwhile.

*Not everyone will select the same path. Still you must move forward on your life's journey.

*The moon gleams more beautifully when you appear.

*When I dream, you are always with me. I love you. #Manny

*Stars sparkle most brilliantly on the darkest nights.

*Free yourself of others' expectations and tether yourself to YOUR dreams.

*PEACE: Strive to forgive and live.

*Answers that mean nothing. I cannot go back. I cannot go forward...chasing the tail of this snake. #ChildhoodSexualAbuse

*Nourish your spirit daily with hope, joy and love.

*Nurture dreams in others by praising them to SUCCESS.

*May your actions reflect the beauty of your SPIRIT.

*HOPE is your lighthouse, beckoning you through stormy seas.

*Love radiates from your heart like light from a star.

*Time is your most precious currency. Spend it wisely.

*Joy and love are the seeds to your future.

*The key to your future is nestled in your hopes and dreams.

*Joy and Hope and Love and Peace equal a rich life.

*If your path is not taking your toward happiness, then blaze a new trail.

*Be mindful of what you tell yourself as you will come to believe it.

*Move toward EXTRAORDINARY people.

*Dream big. Time, passion and energy will produce what money will not.

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