Jessica de la Davies

Jessica de la Davies


It's A Lie!

IT’S A LIE! The American Dream is all a lie. It comes down to one simple thing: HOW MUCH HAPPINESS CAN YOU FINANCE? The innocence of embarking to your local mall with a brand new “interest free” credit card gives you this feeling. You know that feeling of elation that you feel when you find a public toilet without urine dotting the seat? Or when your cell phone call goes through on the first try? OMG, it’s probably a lot like the way Adam and Eve felt day tripping through the Garden of Eden. Anyway this “interest free” card is magical and you must never, ever leave home without it. Over the past year, many Americans have found that the “meaning of life” actually includes-though not limited to- food and being able to afford some. This winter, one 92 year old man froze to death because he didn’t pay his electric bill and the electric company turned it off his heat. If the American dream is a lie, then exactly how much happiness can you continue to finance? Maybe we can all live on love instead? There was this great songwriter- he’s no longer with us-but his words still stand strong. John Lennon wrote that “love is all you need.”

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